Cops to arrest Kabir in Ishq Subhan Allah?, Pooja’s pregnancy exposed in Bepannaah, Naina–Sameer to kiss in Yeh Un Dinon?, and other Spoiler Updates!


MUMBAI: Today, divorce and separation are recklessly uttered words in both the real and telly worlds. business degree brings to you the largest collection of TV spoilers for the most popular shows on TV.

Kabir to be arrested in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah?

Viewers are in for some high-voltage drama between Kabir and Zara on Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah.

The police come to arrest Kabir on the grounds of declaring triple talaq, which is illegal. However, loving wife Zara denies this and tells the cops that the two are very much together.

How will Kabir and the cops react?

Pregnancy drama in Colors’ Bepannaah

Colors’ Bepannaah has always kept us glued to the edge of our seats. Zoya is stunned when she learns that Pooja is pregnant. Sakshi returns and explains that the photograph of her with Yash and Pooja. She says that she had met with the couple to convince them to go back to their respective partners.

She also informs Zoya that Pooja is carrying Yash’s baby. Pooja had wanted to abort the baby, but Yash discouraged her.

What are the Iyers plotting in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is geared up for some interesting twists soon. Raman is at loggerheads with Ishita. Meanwhile, Ishita returns to the Bhalla house owing to Roshni’s condition. She receives a warm welcome from the Iyers, who accept her back into their lives. Their changed behaviour seems suspicious. In fact, this is all an act to hide their true motives. Watch the upcoming episodes for more info!

Sameer–Naina caught kissing in Sony TV’s Yeh Un Dinon?

Sameer and Naina’s love story has always been full of drama on Sony TV’s Yeh Un Dinon.

In the previous episode, Sameer, Naina, Munna, and Swati are on movie date. Sameer is trying to steal some romantic moments with Naina. Unfortunately, Chacha and Chachi, who are at the same theater, catch them just when they are about to kiss.

What consequences will Naina have to face?

Divorce drama in Colors’ Silsila

Rajdeep is back with his evil plans in Colors’ Silsila. He not only pushes Mauli but also files a police complaint against Kunal and Mauli for kidnapping Nandini. Consequently, the police arrest Kunal.

This puts Nandini in a major dilemma about how to save Kunal and Mauli; she feels completely responsible for their predicament. She then decides to lodge a complaint for domestic violence against Rajdeep and files for a divorce too.

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