I am a shy guy – Yash Tonk

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In a talk with the actor from Yeh Vaada Raha- Yash Tonk revealed some facts about his personality and his experience working with his co-actors

A Balaji find, Yash Tonk recently made a comeback with Yeh Vaada Raha on television. Here’s what he has to say about television – past and present

What has been the reaction to your role as Ranbir Khanna, the business tycoon in Yeh Vaada Raha?
It’s been positive so far. Besides, I have been too busy shooting to really know what is happening around right now. But my family and friends, who have seen the show, are liking it. I would love to have the kind of devotion Ranbir has for his sister. He can give his life for her and she is crazy about Kartik. Ranbir, at first, comes across as a negative character. He is humane enough to understand the problem being faced by Surbhi and Kartik too. And that aspect, which is currently being eclipsed by his love for his sister, will come into force in the future episodes.

Yeh Vaada Raha is often described as a unique show. Comment.
To be very true, I never got a chance to follow the show. I saw the first episode of it when the kids were small and then they grow up having undergone numerous experiences. So it’s a long journey captured in a short period of time. The story-telling is quick with a lot of drama. In that way, it’s different from other shows, as the stories in those shows take their own time progress.
Which was your last show?

My last show was for Balaji Telefilms, Pavitra Bandhan. Yeh Vaada Raha will complete three years in August.
Why are you so choosy about your work?
I do films as well as television. Sometimes when I do films, I don’t get to allot time for daily soaps which require a lot of commitment. So when I do shows, I don’t do films because it gets difficult to lead your own life or sneak out time to meet your friends. And Balaji Telefilms is one production house which is like my home as I have done so many shows with them.
How is your experience working with Vikas Seth, Mahesh Pandey, and Deepak Kumar ?
Working with Vikas Seth, Mahesh Pandey, and Deepak Kumar is really fantastic. Actually, I met Vikas two years ago, when he was a part of Swastik. On the other hand, Mahesh Pandey and I have actually grown up together. We know each other. So when he asked me to do the show, I accepted the offer because I trust him.
What changes do you think are there in the industry now?
They have become more productive over the years.

Which medium do you enjoy more – TV or films?
I respect both the mediums. Films are like a holiday for me because the work moves smoothly there. But I got recognition because of television, so I love it more. Besides, I love working hard, where I don’t get much space or time to think. And in television, every week means something new or about TRPs falling or rising.
Which kind of roles do you prefer – positive or negative?
I enjoy both of them. Every character should have the capacity to pull off both negativity and positivity too.

How do you unwind yourself?
I am an easy-going guy. I love working. I love my family and I am a family man.
Any interesting fan experience that you have to share.
When I was doing Kahin Kisi Roz, I got married and went on a honeymoon to Goa. We used to go out in the evenings and have dinner at some shack, watching the sea. One day a guy came to me and said, “You are Yash Tonk”. The lights were pretty dim, but he said that he recognized me from the watch that I was wearing as I used to wear it on the show as well. I was quite shocked to discover how closely your fans follow you.

Two things no one knows about you…
I think people don’t know that I am a very shy guy. After doing so many films and daily soaps, if somebody asks me to come on the stage and make a speech, I’d be shit scared. I can only project characters on screen, not in real life.

What do you love to watch on television?
I don’t watch movies and soaps, I only watch Discovery, Zee channel and news basically.

Would you do a reality show?
I am not a reality show type of a guy, seriously. I like reality shows like Nach Baliye and other dancing shows. And I have already participated in Nach Baliye twice, so I don’t think they will call me again.