I lose myself while playing Samay: Piyush Sahdev


Sony Entertainment Television’s most popular daily soap Beyhadh (Cinevistaas Ltd) is grabbing audience’s attention for all the right reasons.
The strong and multi-layered characters of the show have continually managed to grip our interest.
And one of the most riveting roles is that of Samay, which is essayed by the very handsome and burly Piyush Sahdev.
In the latest twists and turns, Piyush’s character Samay is seen taking extreme steps to prove Maya (Jennifer Winget) his true love. His all-consuming acting is receiving a lot of commendation.
In a chat with , Piyush Sahdev talks about how he loves his character and the hard work that goes into justifying his role.
“My character isn’t just grey; it has multiple shades to it. I always prefer doing roles that are way different than the usual stereotyped ones. I’ve played a cop, I’ve played Lord Ram, and when I came across this role, it was an instant catch!” he says.
On nailing the character, Piyush says, “If you have a challenging role, you have to put in all of yourself to justify the character. In a recent episode (4 May), Samay cuts off his ring finger in angst; while shooting that scene, I forgot that it’s just an act and I was so immersed that for a split second I actually thought I would cut off my finger for real.”
About all the praise that Piyush is getting, he says, “After this episode was shot, I got a call from the producers saying they loved my the scene (where he cuts his finger). So yes, I am very happy that I’ve redeemed myself. I feel great that the audience loves my character even though it’s grey.”
What is happening next in Beyhadh? “Well, Samay’s obsession for Maya is going to heighten to levels the audience can’t even imagine. It’s going to get crazy,” says an elated Piyush.
We all are pretty pumped about the upcoming drama, are you?
Beyhadh airs on Sony TV from Monday-Friday at 9.00pm.

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