Vishal Vashishtha helps college friend get married!


Vishal Vashishtha has become a known face in every other house for his phenomenal performance as Bittu in Jaat Ki Jugni aired on Sony Entertainment Television. However, what many of his fans don’t know is one of the most exciting stories of his college days. The actor, just like his onscreen image, was hell-bent on getting a couple married and helped them through the most difficult situation of their lives.

The family of the young couple was against the marriage. But when Vishal came to know about it, he played the role a peacemaker and convinced both the families of the couple. The friend still appreciates Vishal’s support and admires his courage. Vishal has always believed in completing love stories, be it in real life or reel life.

When contacted, Vishal says, “I fondly remember that incident. I helped my friend getting married to the person he wanted to spend his life with. They are very happy now and their families who were against the marriage are also happy. I feel proud to have helped them in completing their love story. My character Bittu in Jaat Ki Jugni is also the same and I hope I can complete love stories in the show too and give a positive message to everyone.”

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