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Aryan and Purva gets ready to exchange garlands but Damini comes there with Kumudini. Damini says this marriage cannot happen. Kumudini snatches garland from Aryan and says you wanted to get married but not now. Damini arrests Aryan, all are shocked, Shashwat says that it must be some misunderstanding. Damini doesn’t listen anyone and takes Aryan from there, Purva stands there in tears.

Reporter says, Aryan and Aradhya couldn’t get married. Aaba’s wishes remained wish. Aryan and Purva couldn’t exchange garlands. Police stopped marriage and Aryan got arrested for charges of rape. Kumudini have played game, she has shown her true colors and now its time to teach lesson to everyone from her side.

Offscreen Aradhya says, My aaji is my driving force, whatever she wants me to do, I do it. She filled filth in my mind that when i was sleeping, Aryan tried to rape me. She shows her torn clothes and laughs, this animal has torn my clothes, Aryan laughs. Aradhya says now Aryan is in trap of Devdasies. Aryan says that its quite hot outside in these clothes that’s why I am going in jail. Aradhya says that when he was getting married to me, he was wearing plain white sherwani but now when he was getting married to Purva, he is wearing gold sherwani, blue dhoti and nice shoes. He is wearing more good clothes, its all Aaba’s tricks.

Reporter says, in end Aryan and Aradhya will get married in jail and Aaba’s wish of seeing Aryan and Purva getting married will remain unfulfilled.

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