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Twinkle and Kunj are going in car which has bomb in it. Yuvi comes there on bike and jumps on car.

Reporter says, Yuvi has changed. He saved Twinkle and Kunj’s life by putting his life in danger. Yuvi jumps on their car and diffuses bomb, he falls off from car after that. Kunj and Twinkle comes out of car and sees him injured.

Reporter says, Kunj and Twinkle both are surprised to see change of behavior of Yuvi. The one who used to be after their lives is now saving their lives. Twinkle does believe that he is changed but Kunj still thinks that Yuvi should not be trusted so soon.

Off-screen Kunj says, we were scared when we listened about bomb. Twinkle says we were stressed that’s why i am drinking lassi. Kunj says, we are more shocked to see Yuvi doing good then seeing bomb. He has done so much bad that he has to do a lot of goodness to erase those memories. Twinkle says, he saved our lives. Kunj says still there is doubt in mind.

Off-screen Yuvi says, I am not negative but my mom is. She has planted bomb in their car. Twinkle saved my life in fire sequence, that made me regret that the person whom I have given so much pain saved my life by putting her life in danger.

Off-screen Twinkle says, Yuvi is doing all stunts all by himself. I am afraid of getting hurt but Yuvi is jumping, hanging on car in this heat, he is doing great work. He is already injured due to fight sequence and even then he is doing all this today, its great. Kunj says its great, till you have enthusiasm, you will remain good actor. Twinkle says he has become hero in real sense.

Off-screen Yuvi says, I enjoy doing stunts. We have called body doubles but I personally like doing stunts. Its fun.

Reporter says, after leap in show, there will be twist in tale. Maybe with Yuvi changing, Twinkle might get closer to him again.

Off-screen Yuvi says, we are planning leap and our characterization will change. Today i extended my hand towards Kunj for friendship, I said that today i enjoyed becoming hero more than I enjoyed being villain. This time I will not back-stab him.

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