My favourite time pass is playing games in my tab: Amila Sadhukhan


Isn’t it great if your job lets you indulge in the things you like?

Well, Amila Sadhukhan, who is currently playing the female lead in Zee Bangla’s Radha, used to enjoy drawing but owning to various factors, she couldn’t continue to learn this creative thing.

And guess what?

Currently, the actress is playing the role of a designer in Radha. So, this role of hers allows her to remain in touch with her hobby. Although she does it on screen, she enjoys it.

Amila shared with , “Earlier I used to enjoy drawing…actually, I still like it but when I was in ninth standard I took Economics so I had to stop drawing at that time. Now for this serial, I am getting to learn designing and also I am getting to design sometimes.”

The actress also talked about the other things that she loves.

“My favourite time pass is playing games in my tab. I also love dancing,” she said with a smile
Amila continued saying, “Shopping is another thing that I enjoy but now I cannot go everywhere as many people recognize me and then sometimes I even get surrounded by them. I like it but then I cannot go outside very often.
The other thing that I love and still can do is ‘eating’.”

Great going, Amila!
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