Preetika Rao invited as the chief guest for Tanzania’s biggest award show; shares experience


Mumbai: Talented beauty Preetika Rao, who made her television debut with Colors’ hit romantic dramaBeintehaa, has made a special place in the hearts of the audience as Aaliya.

It’s been a long time since the show wrapped up but the popularity is still on and it is soaring. The show has been dubbed in many languages and released across the globe and it has continued to win hearts.

Recently, Preetika was invited as the special guest for the biggest awards function in Tanzania, where Beintehaa is dubbed and winning immense love. Her character Aaliya has been so popular there that so many kids have been named Aaliya after the character.

The actress had a wonderful time out there and in a candid conversation with business degree, she shared some of the special moments of her Tanzania trip.

Excerpts from the conversation –

Preetika shared, “Firstly, I was very surprised that I was invited to Tanzania. I was called by a TV channel there which hosted the show Beintehaa, dubbed in Swahili. They told me that your show is so popular that kids have been named Aaliya after the character played by you. I went there for their biggest awards show which is called Sinema Zetu Awards where I was invited as the chief guest. It was a grand award function and actors from all the states of Africa were present there. They honored me on stage in front of the fourth president of Tanzania.”

“I presented the best actress award to Wema Sepetu, who is also Ex Miss Tanzania and she is one of the most popular celebrities in Tanzania. I met a lot of actors, who were very excited to see me and they told me that they watch my show and some of them also personally messaged me on Instagram, welcoming me and expressed their happiness for my visit in Tanzania. The response was overwhelming and as I had entered Tanzania, I met two baby girls who were named Aaliya after my character which is a best feeling. It’s a proud moment,” added the actress.

Preetika also took out some time to roam around the locales of Tanzania and explore something new. Sharing her experience about it, the actress further told us, “I visited the Zanzibar Island on a special cruise from Daressalaam. We took a small catamaran from Zanzibar, which took us to one of the small islands where Vasco Da Gama had visited for the first time and it holds a good history. Then I roamed around the city and did a lot of shopping. I bought some dresses. The local markets were very different and full of beautiful East African artifacts.”

“Daressalaam was a mix of a lot of countries. Some parts reminded me of Malaysia and some of Mauritius. It has its own strong African culture. It’s a very scenic beautiful country. My stay at the Zanzibar was the highlight of my trip,” signed off the lady.

Way to go, Preetika!

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