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Jannat and Shaad are praying in the dargah. Reporter says Jannat came here to pray to find her identity. Today there is hope in every prayer. Misbah is seen following them. Jannat says they have come here as Shaad told that they met here for the first time. Misbah says every time she holds the pistol, but doesn’t shoot anybody and laughs.

Reporter says actually Jannat is brought here by the writer, to bring new twist to the show. She says Amrapali is fed up now. Amrapali says even animals will get scared of her. Reporter says you can write 1001 ideas books now. She says they will get the link to Sanam’s past, i.e, Aahil. Aahil left the show, but came back. Amrapali praises Aahil/ Karanvir and says he is a gentleman. It is good that he came back. Keep reading.

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