Rakhi Sawant: BCL, this year, will be something different and more controversial


MUMBAI: Actor Rakhi Sawant is geared up for BCL with its glamour, entertainment and controversies.

1. Since how many years are you playing in the BCL?

I am playing in BCL for the last 4 years.

2. Which position will you play – allrounder? Bowler, Batsman?

I am the 4th umpire this year and also, I have been given the position of ‘Baba Ki Baby’. Baba ki Baby is someone who predicts things. So, whatever I predict, it happens. I don’t know from where but suddenly they gave me this role and to be honest whatever I predict, it actually comes true.

3. Do you watch cricket matches as well?

Yes, I do watch cricket matches.

4. Which is your favourite Test matches, One day or T20 matches?

I like both. One is played for India and the other one is played for money. But yet, if I have to choose one, I will choose T20.

5. This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time?

Right now, I cannot predict anything but if they play well, definitely India has a fair chance to win. As an Indian, I would want India to win. We got the World Cup year’s ago but I feel if Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni play well, we will definitely win it.

6. BCL is a perfect combination of glamour and entertainment what is your take on that.

Yes, it a perfect combination of glamour and entertainment and I love it because both girls and boys get to play. All the female players play so well. In fact, they play better than male players. I feel Ekta has an amazing and creative mind. The way she thinks is just too amazing. She has added glamour and entertainment both together in such a way that it works amazingly well. The best part is that girls wear hot pants and do bowling and looking at it guys lose the game. They get clean bowled because their attention is more on their legs than on the ball.

7 BCL is famous for controversies. What is your take on that.. You are also considered the controversy queen so what should we expect from you this time.

Controversies are everywhere, let it be politics or cricket and as BCL is played by celebrities, so it’s obvious that controversies will happen. I am going to give a special tadka to it. Being called a controversy queen, I never had a problem with that. In fact, I love it when people call me a controversial queen, drama queen, nautanki queen or whatever. I just love whatever tag they give me. The audience should watch BCL this time, no one should miss it because it’s going to be something different and more controversial.

8 The youth loved BCL last year on MTV. The youth audiences loved it. Comment.

They will love BCL this time more because I am there in full season. I am always present on the screen.

9 What are your expectations from BCL this year?

I am just hoping that the best team wins and anyways I am going to predict it so I know only the best one will win. I wish I would have predicted that I get a husband as well, I would have got a good one!

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