Tenali Rama to solve his next tricky task


SAB TV’s epic show Tenali Rama, produced by Contiloe, has proved that intelligence and presence of mind can be used deftly to solve any problem or to deal with any demanding situation.
Tenali, who has the perfect blend of wit and brains, can handle any tricky situation smartly and the plus point is that the audiences will end up learning from the character as well.
This time, the show will have a face-off between Tenali’s mother Ammaji (Nimisha Vakharia) and Tathacharya’s wife Varnmala.
According to our sources, Varnmala will gain the knowledge of vastushatra and would ask Krishnadevaraya (Manav Gohil) to shift a few things in darbaar. People would start believing her but Tenali would know the truth about Varnmala’s half knowledge about vastushatra.
Later, Tenali will ask Ammaji to stand against Varnmala in king Krishnadevaraya’s court. Hence, Ammaji will become Ammacharya and Varnmala as Vamacharya.
Will Tenali succeed in proving Varnmala fake?
We reached out to the actors but they remained unavailable for comment.

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