Wow! Nandini and Siddharth get married on &TV’s Vani Rani


Esselvisions’ popular daily Vani Rani now gears up for some interesting twists in its upcoming episodes!
The loyal viewers of the series would already know that Nandini (Niyaa Sharma) and Siddharth (Rahulram Manchanda) are in love while Nandini’s grandfather Radheshyam is against their relationship.
In the recent episodes of the daily soap, the audience has seen that Nandini has run away from her house with Siddharth.
Now we hear, in the forthcoming episodes of the show, there is much more high voltage drama in store for the viewers. Read on –
Our source informs us, “Nandini and Siddharth will be set to take nuptial vows but the drama quotient will be raised when Radheshyam will reach the venue and create a lot of ruckus in a bid to stop the marriage. At the end of it all braving all odds, the duo will get married.”
Rahulram, who was pretty exhausted with the schedule, told , “Although it was hectic but I had fun shooting for the marriage sequence.”

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