Colors’ Doree is all set to witness five gripping upcoming twists, read on


MUMBAI : Doree on Colors is much loved for its strong narrative and interesting storytelling. The show stars Sudhaa Chandra, Amar Upadhyay, Mahi Bhanushali, and others in leading roles. The show is set against the backdrop of Varanasi and will focus on all kinds of social issues, especially the abandonment of a girl child.

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In the upcoming episode, Bhola hesitates to reveal himself to Nani upon seeing the fake parents. However, Kailashi Devi finds a tape recorder with a message from Ganga, and her suspicions grow as she sees Ganga’s kurta.

Meanwhile, Agni’s memory is triggered when he bumps into Bhola, who inadvertently reveals himself by holding a broken moon charm. Agni recognizes Bhola’s act of saving him from an earthquake and embraces him, leaving Doree hopeful. Despite Agni’s efforts, Nani dismisses him as a Thakur.

Further in the storyline, Kailashi Devi, suspicious of Bhola, questions Chakran about spiked drinks. However, Agni arrives and informs Kailashi about staying in Bunkar Galli for 24 hours.

Kailashi tests Agni’s identity as Ganga. Meanwhile, Bhola, happily, offers Sankata Mata laddos for the chance to help Agni regain her memory. In the meantime, Agni and Kailashi visit Bunkar Galli, surprising Nani.

Later, Maya, disguised as a servant, faces taunts from Komal about her identity. Just as Maya is about to reveal the truth to Neelu, she hesitates.

Coming up, Agni, taking kachori and Jalebi, notices a newborn in a basket at Sankata Mata Mandir, triggering blurry memories of Ganga saving Doree as a child. As the basket almost falls, Agni rushes to save the child.

He realizes the child is a doll and learns about the attack on Kailashi Devi. Later, he destroys the kargha and decides to leave, rejecting Bhola’s attempts to calm him down, leaving Bhola heartbroken.

The story gears up for another twist. Bhola returns to the basti, where Nani scolds him for his plan and tells him to leave.

Bhola, crying, goes to Sankata Mata mandir and pleads for guidance to help Baba and the basti. Meanwhile, Sudha returns to the haveli, where a fan almost falls on Komal but Mansi saves her, revealing Maya’s revenge plan.

Last, but not the least, Anand arrives at the haveli disguised as a beggar, apologizing for his mistakes.

However, Kailashi confronts him, but Anand expresses his desire to make things right. He apologizes to Mansi and offers her divorce papers, but she refuses to accept them.

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