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A women dressed in black dress comes in kitchen with knife and stabs Simar but Simar gets saved as Chanda comes inbetween and gets stabbed instead.

Reporter says, Simar is attacked but chanda saved her in time. Simar gets tensed seeing her injured and calls family. Reporter says, if this is Chanda repenting or is this new trick of hers?

Off-screen Simar says, Its now norm in my house that some weird guest comes in my house, they are bad initially but then they become good but then I realize that they were never good.

Reporter says, Chanda can’t go back to Chandar lok as her powers are not working now so to save her life, sacrificing Simar will be going on a new journey. Journey will be of black forest.

Off-screen Simar says, I wish it was black forest cake, I would have eaten it but its bad jungle where I will be going as I am sacrificing lady. She laughs and says even I don’t know how can I be so sacrificing.

Chanda says, I am feeling bad for Chanda now. She has lost her powers and now Simar is helping her. She is with me, Chanda is surprised to see this, maybe Chanda will have change of heart and maybe will protect family in future.

Reporter says, Simar will become bee in jungle and Chanda will become powerful. Chanda says, kids will like this track, people will like it. Chanda will have huge role to play, you will see it will be negative or positive.

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