Allter: India’s first sustainable and certified rash-free diaper brand steals the show on Shark Tank India 3


MUMBAI : Did you know that an ordinary diaper contains more than 60 chemicals and toxins that can lead to painful rashes in babies? Well, worry no more because Allter, India’s first sustainable and certified rash-free diaper brand, is here to address this pressing concern. Founded by Surbhi and Arnav Gupta, Allter challenges the notion that parents have to choose between what is good for their baby and the planet. With a mission to provide gentle care for babies without compromising on eco-friendliness, the brand has invented a groundbreaking solution. Catch Surbhi Bafna Gupta, a dedicated entrepreneur and mother, as she unveils Allter’s vision to revolutionize baby care with eco-conscious diapers made from bamboo on Shark Tank India 3.

Sharing the experience on Shark Tank India Surbhi Bafna Gupta, Cofounder & CEO said, “Being part of Shark Tank with our brand Allter has been a roller coaster ride, it was a proud moment for us to showcase what we created to the world. Our journey from growing the brand from 0 to 1 has been intense and Shark Tank came as a turning point where were able to get insights from the Sharks who are stalwarts of the startup community on how to think bigger and fuel the next leg of the brand’s growth”.

At the core of Allter’s ethos is the belief that babies and the environment deserve the best. In fact, the brand was born out of the founders’ aim to keep parenting as natural as possible for their little bundle of joy. With a focus on gentle baby care and a commitment to a beautiful planet, Allter simplifies parenting with mindfully curated baby care products, ensuring eco-friendly solutions without compromising on functionality and performance. Allter’s dedication to quality and sustainability has also attracted strategic investors like renowned actress, humanitarian, and environment warrior Dia Mirza, who also serves as its brand ambassador, which adds credibility and market appeal to the brand’s vision. Seeking Rs 1 crore for 2.5% equity, Surbhi’s devotion to promoting the use of eco-friendly baby care products bowls Sharks over. Ultimately, she strikes an outstanding deal of Rs 1 crore for 4% equity with Aman Gupta, Ritesh Agarwal, and Anupam Mittal.

To witness Allter’s journey, tune in to Shark Tank India 3, only on Sony LIV!

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