Ankita Bhargava gives befitting reply to user who slammed her for posting a picture with Karan Patel


MUMBAI: It all started when a suicide bomber in an explosive-laden vehicle attacked a CRPF convoy on 14th February. 40 CRPF jawans died in the blast, leaving the country in deep shock. Later, IAF carried out air strikes in Balakot across the Line of Control.

The entire incident has become a point of discussion and debates on news shows. The issue is getting mixed options where some people are calling for revenge, while some are asking for peace.

Amidst this, there are these people who think Instagram is a place where they can show their patriotism and target other users. Actress Ankita Bhargava got into a similar situation when a user slammed her for posting a throwback picture with husband Karan Patel.

The user commented, ‘Do u have sence our Air Force pilot is in Pakistan because he was saving us n you are here throwing back pictures. You can’t do anything but atleast please manintain some respect at this time n stop showing off.’

The actress replied, ‘I have utmost respect for Wing Commander Abhinandan and like everyone else I too have deep concerns about his security! Unless u r extremely frustrated in life and r looking for reasons to pick a fight or taunt people to give yourself some relief… let me tell u something imp…A. This is my profile,I have the rights to post anything I wish too. B. U show support by being a good citizen worth fighting for in the first place. C. By refraining myself from posting normal stuff on my feed doesn’t show my support BUT not spreading half baked news and extreme reactions or various whatsapp bits and videos IS HOW WE SHOW SUPPORT AS CITIZENS. Any other query I will be more than happy to answer.’

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