Audience Perspective: Even after the leap, Pandya store is stuck in the past with the same children’s drama


MUMBAI:Star Plus’ Pandya Store has made a place in everyone’s hearts with its gripping storyline and intriguing twists. The audience loves the heartfelt story and the strong bond between each family member. The show is currently focusing on Shweta’s manipulations over the Pandya Niwas and Store and how she managed to destroy the family’s unity. The story takes a seven-year leap and all the Pandya brothers are living separate lives.

Previously, we saw that Shweta has reached Pandya Niwas but Chutki was not with her and hence, she goes out to look for her. Finally, she finds Chutki with the kids, and Shweta brings her in. The family gets emotional upon seeing her.

But the latest track has confused the viewers because when there was news that the show is taking a leap, the audience expected to see growth, new characters and new challenges. But, we are stuck with the same drama of Shweta and things have gone back to square one in no time. We expected some new drama, some other way to get the family back together.

Even though the audiences understand that they could not just forget the plot of Chutki, but Shweta is back doing her same old tricks, and why?

Couldn’t her character be elevated, can she not be a serious antagonist? Using the children to play out the same things does not even look like that the show has taken a leap. It feels like they have introduced a bunch of characters just for the sake of it. The freshness is not provided to the viewers and that is just disappointing.

Radha Soni says, “Why introduce the leap if you are just going to introduce the same plot points”.

Trisha Chaudhary says, “I thought we would not see Shweta for a little while, but she came back and it feels the same before the leap”.

Swarna Yadav says, “It’s the same old story of whatever works, just tweak it a little bit and keep re-running, that is what’s happening with the show’”.

Reena Sharma, said, “I thought the leap was supposed to focus on the Pandya brothers coming back together. Instead, it’s focusing on Shweta again, but why so soon”.

Naim Rana says, “The leap was supposed to keep the viewers excited and I am just bored with this track, what was the point of a leap”.

What did you think about the leap and the current storyline of the show Pandya Store? Tell us in the comments below!

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