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Khuda Jaane song plays while Raj lovingly holds Avni’s hand during their sangeet ceremony. They look cute and have an eyelock. Reporter says, their never ending marriage is doing the rounds of sangeet, just as Raj taking rounds around Avni. They are playing an interesting game of knok jhok.

Raj says, I got frustated and angry on Avni. He says, why she met me now, why didn’t she meet me before. He gets emotional. Raj says, Raj can’t see Avni sad so he gave her a surprise. Avni says, Raj talks lovely to make her happy. Reporter says, all the ladies are dressed up beautifully with heavy jewellery. Desi Mem Plays………while all the shows ladies are shown.

Avni’s relatives give interview regarding their style and custome. Avni says, God has made us a couple so our colours match with each other’s dress. Raj’s guest come to the shows set. Reporter says, we won’t comment on her but don’t try to hide her. We just hope to see Raj and Avni’s marriage. Keep reading.

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