BB 14 fame Nikki Tamboli’s mother lauds Rubina Dilaik as her daughter’s great friend and cherishes their bond


BB 14’s contestant Nikki Tamboli’s mother Pramila Tamboli is happy to see her daughter’s strong bond with Rubina Dilaik and latter’s husband Abhinav Shukla in the house. She feels that after a long time Nikki has found genuine friends.

In an exclusive interview, Nikki’s mother dismissed Devoleena’s claims that her daughter is supporting the husband-wife duo as she had seen their strong fan base and popularity because of the show.

“Nikki was evicted and she saw a few episodes, but that is not why she has become Rubina Dilaik’s friend. She became friends with Rubina because everyone else cornered her and she was alone. Nikki has proved her loyalty for all her friends in nominations and tasks be it Rahul, Jaan Kumar Sanu, but they never supported her. Till the time Rahul and Nikki were friends, Nikki always supported him during nominations. Aly had said during one of the tasks that nobody would talk to Nikki and asked her team to boycott her. He even threatened to teach a lesson to people of his team, if they spoke to Nikki. He was trying to make her weak despite knowing how tough that house is. Even Nikki needed someone who stands by her and that Rubina came into her life and she supported her. Rubina and Abhinav agreed to listen to her and be her friend and what’s wrong in that. And they are blaming Nikki for using Rubina, my daughter is not scared of everyone. She is with Rubina and Abhinav as she genuinely likes them. She is not the one who can ever be friends with someone because of a fanbase.”, she said.

Nikki’s mom feels that Devoleena is trying hard to create a rift between Rubina-Abhinav and her daughter, but all her plans have failed, “Aly, Jasmin or Rahul did they have less fans? No right,! Then why she chose Rubina because she treated my daughter with love. Devoleena tried so hard to convince both Abhinav and Rubina that Nikki is using them, but the three have not left each other’s side and they are together. Rubina and Abhinav are the only contestants who have not come out. They are not even aware of the love they are getting. It is people like Vikas Gupta and Devoleena who are trying to brainwash people inside the show. I love to see Nikki, Rubina and Abhinav together. Rubina and Nikki have become like sisters. Nikki has got genuine love and care from Rubina.”, said Nikki’s mother.

Nikki’s mother stated that people who are questioning her daughter should know that once, Rahul was asking Nikki about her popularity on social media, “Infact, I don’t know how many viewers have seen Rahul was once inquiring with Nikki about her fan base on social media. People who are accusing Nikki why don’t they ask Rahul he was asking her about her popularity on social media. Even he had come out of the show.”, said Pramila Tamboli.

Speaking about Nikki’s conversation about Rubina and Abhinav with her, Pramila Tamboli shared, “I remember when she had come out I had asked her about Abhinav and Rubina and she told me they are good people. She told me how she had carried chilli powder during the shark task but did not use it on Abhinav as he is a gentleman. She had told me that everyone was telling me that why didn’t you do it. Nikki told me that as Abhinav is a very good person, she did not do it. She regretted not realising it earlier. I had told her that it is not important always to win the trophy sometimes you have to win people also. Rubina has never said anything nasty or below the belt about Nikki. Even when they were not friends. She always would let go of things saying Nikki is a kid. She has never targeted Nikki. There are many people in the house who call Rubina arrogant and snobbish but she has always lovingly fed food to everyone including my daughter.”.

She further added, “Nikki had shared with me that Rubina is a very good person and she would love eating the food the latter cooked. There are many qualities in Rubina and someone would be blind to not see that. She is a good wife, sister, friend and a great artist. From the time she considered Nikki a friend she goes out of the way to see that my daughter is doing fine. She treats Nikki with so much love ‘itne pyaar se koi samjhaye toh dushman bhi apna hojaata hai yaar… ye toh phir bhi Nikki hai…”.

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