Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh breaks down


Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows. Currently, season 13 of the show is on air and it is full of drama. However, one can’t ignore the roller coaster of emotions that take place inside the house.

Well, comedian Krushna Abhishek’s younger sister Arti Singh recently opened up on her ordeal of staying away from her real parents as a child and how did she lose them. In a video clip shared by the official account of Colors TV, we could see the actress sharing her tragic life-story with Shehnaz and what makes her weak. It all started after Arti revealed that she has never loved herself, ever since she was a kid. To which, the singer asked her why and Arti revealed that she lost her mother, sometime after she was born and she was then adopted by her mother’s best friend in Lucknow. While she has always been deprived of father’s love, Arti added that she was five-year-old when her father died.

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