Bigg Boss 16: Exclusive! Abdu Rozik gets eliminated from the house but there is a twist to it


MUMBAI :  Tvpost has always been in the forefront in bringing you exclusive news from the world of entertainment.

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode is one of the most anticipated and awaited episodes of the show.

That’s when Salman Khan comes on the show and gives an insight into how the contestants have performed, and how the week has been.

While some contestants get praise, some of them will have to face the anger of the host.

In yesterday’s episode, we did see how Vicky and Kiara had entered the house and interacted with the housemates and had some fun segments with them.

In the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss will inform Abdu that he needs to come out of the house which shocks the contestants of the show and they do not know how to react.

In the video, one can see how  Abdu will be hugging everyone and will break down as he leaves the house.

But now there is a twist to it and that is Abdu is not eliminated from the show but he is out due to medical reasons and he would be back in the next 2 – 3 days as he has serve back pain.

The elimination video created a stir on social media where the audience and fans were disappointed as they thought that he was eliminated from the show.

Well, soon Abdu will be back in the game and would continue to play the game.

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