Bigg Boss Telugu 5′: Three contestants in the danger zone


‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ has become one of the most-watched shows among the Telugu TV audience. With each passing day and the twists and turns in the show, the contestants seem to be at a stage where their survival has become the highest priority.

As the contestants – Sunny, Maanas, Ravi, Kajal, and Siri are in the nominations for the upcoming eliminations, some of them are in the safe zone.

VJ Sunny, who has earned a mass following with his performance on the reality show, is expected to be safe, taking the social media trends and voting patterns into consideration.

However, anchor Ravi has grown stronger in the recent couple of weeks, though he was overshadowed in the previous episodes. And in keeping with his social media presence and popularity, there is scope for his survival this week.

Manas, Kajal, and Siri are the three contestants who would face a threat in the coming eliminations. Because Manas’s performance graph has fallen drastically, he is considered to be in the danger zone. Otherwise, Manas is one of the strongest contestants, with a decent following.

RJ Kajal is one of the most disliked housemates in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’. Though she tried to bond with most of the contestants, she is not liked by the current players. With Sunny and Manas being her close friends, Kajal finds herself in the nominations every alternate week. Also, her performance levels are lower than the other nominated contestants, so there are higher chances for Kajal to be in the danger zone this week.

Given the fact that Siri deliberately maintains a relationship with Shanmukh, who has a huge following on social media, Siri has been surviving based on her groupism, despite her performances (which are also impressive). But, as her groupism and her cat-fights in the house are disliked by viewers, there is a possibility that Siri might be in danger.

The eliminations are due in the weekend episodes of the show which is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna.

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