Chahatt Khanna vouches to never apologise to Uorfi Javed, says “Why should I say sorry when I have not done anything wrong?”


MUMBAI : Chahatt Khanna is a well-known actress who is best known for her roles in serials like Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Qubool Hai.

A few months back, she was grabbing the headlines for her second divorce, when she revealed shocking details of being mistreated in her marriage.

Recently, she made news for her tiff with Uorfi Javed, where she passed comments on her clothing, and the mileage she is gaining for wearing nothing.

The two had a war of words on social media, where the two actresses lashed out at each other, accusing the other with personal comments.

In a recent interview, Chahatt Khanna opened up about her fight with Uorfi, and revealed that she would never apologise to the social media star.

The actress said, “I will never say sorry to her. I meant every word I said, and I wasn’t wrong. I don’t regret whatever I said, as I am a very strong-headed girl and I stand by my words. I never speak bullshit. I know I said the right thing, and I stand by it.”

Chahatt began the brawl by commenting on Uorfi’s clothing style, and she went on to ‘mock’ her choice. This created an air of argument between the two ladies.

Then Uorfi didn’t spare Chahatt from her befitting reply, and commented quite rudely as she spoke about Chahat’s two previous divorces and relationships.

Fans were asking her to apologise, and later she even did so since she didn’t wish to continue the fight, but Chahatt has made it clear that she won’t apologise to Uorfi.

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