News Segments

Sandhya has got the news the Sooraj’s plane has been hijacked. She bursts into tears. Babasa hugs her and tries to console her. Sandhya is feeling helpless. SHe was unable to protect Sooraj. She recalls how Sooraj hugged her before leaving.

Sandhya tells the reporter, the plane of Sooraj will be hijacked. Sandhya has got the news and she has to inform everyone is the family. She can’t control herslef.

Everyone in the Rathi family is heartbroken on the news. Mohit says what will happen now bhabhi? Babab says please release RK. You’re an officer please save your babho and sooraj.

Meenakshi tells the reporter, the plane has been hijacked and we are all really frightened and upset. WE saw on TV that the hijackers are killing people on board. SAndhya says, I have to save my country as well as my husband. Both are my priorities.

Reporter says, it is Sooraj actually who will help Sandhya and close the chapter of thesee hijackers.

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