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Baldev and Rajveer shake hands before football match, the match starts.

Reporter says, veera is one but lovers are two, girl is one but guys are two. the match to win Veera has intensified, one side is Baldev and other side is Rajveer.

Reporter says, these strong guys have come in ground aganist each other, both are desperate to goal, they can do anything to make other lose. One is lion of village and other is king of village. Veera is cheering for Baldev.

Off-screen Baldev says, there is animosity between Rajveer and me because of Veera. We became good friends on sets but because of Veera, we are fighting, veera pushes Baldev on his jokes, Baldev says who will win football match will win Veera,she says do I look like trophy. Rajveer says, it has become thing of ego, it has become obsession for both to win her.

Reporter says, both are doing goals. Off-screen Veera says, don’t make this match a bet, play it, I will be with Baldev even if he lose, Baldev says but still I will make him lose.

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