Erica Fernandes: Being in showbiz has helped me gain clarity on the exact path I want to walk on in life


Erica Fernandes wonders whether she will lose herself in showbiz, but that is a risk she is willing to take.

“There is a lot that I discovered about myself after joining the industry. The things I was capable of as a performer and an entertainer was something I was unsure of before stepping into this field,” the actress says.

Even she was surprised to see her “confidence and determination” to prove herself as an actor.

“Being in the industry has made me a lot more confident. It has helped me gain clarity on the exact path I want to walk on in life, it has widened my thought process in many ways and given me a new approach to every avenue I decide to be a part of,” says the diva.

The actress shares that it has helped her “evolve and grow as a person with each passing year, and has truly given me the best on the professional and personal front.”

She entered the industry as a model and went on to do Kannada and Tamil projects before gaining fame through the small screen.

Ask her if there is a fear that she might lose herself in showbiz, she says, “This thought does cross my mind at times, but I remind myself that there is nothing above being grounded, humble and importantly keeping my feet on the ground while only my eyes soar the skies.”

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