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Reporter says failing all the troubles, moving the hurdles from the way and reaching new heights in life is the story of Everest. It is an interesting story of Anjali, a daughter of an army officer. She gets shattered knowing about her father’s views about her being a daughter.

Her father says that he recalls her shattered dreams seeing Anjali. Then she decides to do something so that her dad feels proud of her. She promises to raise in her Dad’s eyes. Reporter says, first episode, cinematography and background music are quite impressive. All the artiste performed well.

Reporter says Gowariker brought a unique story which is different from usual saas bahu saga. We talked to Ashutosh and his team. Ashutosh says we thought to make something on Everest.

We have shot in Nepal and Uttarakhand. We gave training to these actors. The theme of the show is that a girl goes to fulfill her father’s dream. Reporter wishes well for Ashutosh. Keep reading.

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