Exclusive! Manul Chudasama on taking the role Marjina ahead, “she had acted so well but since we are actors, it is our job to give our 100%”


MUMBAI :SAB TV is out with an amazing show by Peninsula Pictures, Alibaba – Dastaan-E-Kabul. The show starred Tunisha Sharma in the lead role, who played the character of princess Mariam and Sheezan M Khan played Alibaba.

The show is inspired by the popular story of Alibaba and the forty thieves. However, Abhishek Nigam and Manul Chudasama have entered the show as the new leads and we must say, the audience’s response is really lovely.

Tvpost got in touch with Manul Chudasama where she talked about her first reaction on getting the role and much more.

What was your first reaction on getting the role?

I was very excited because the character of Marjina is loved by the audience so much already. Now that I’m shooting, I’m giving my 100% to it so that the audience loves us too. So when I got the part I was excited as it’s a character of a princess. The get-up also is so beautiful. It must be a dream of every girl to play such a role. So basically, I’m doing my dream role.

As we have heard and read about Alibaba since our childhood, before entering the show, did you watch any of the episodes of the show?

I had seen a few episodes earlier but not the whole show.

As Tunisha Sharma had played the role earlier, you ever thought whether or not the audience would like you in the role?

Yes, I mean it’s unfortunate and we can’t change what happened. I accepted that now I am Marjina, taking the role forward and that I have to get the audience’s love. So yes, I want the audience to love us the way they had given their love before. It is very difficult to be honest, to get into someone’s shoes, even though I didn’t want to. I mean, she had acted so well but since we are actors, it is our job to give our 100%. I just hope that the audience like me.

This was our conversation with the actress. Tell us how you feel about the character Marjina now.

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