Find out who is Srishti Jain’s saheli off screen!


Indian television has seen many popular saas-bahu onscreen jodi. The latest one being from the show Hamari Wali Good News in which Juhi Parmar and Srishti Jain play the loving daughter in law and mother in law. Both of them share a wonderful on and off-screen rapport which is also visible in their performance.

Srishti says,” Juhi ma’am is really warm and welcoming. I won’t lie I was a little nervous before I met her, but she instantly made me feel super comfortable. I know for a fact I will be learning a lot from her. I think we have already connected and I am sure that chemistry will translate on-screen too! Spending time with her is a lot of fun. She is more of a friend and we chitchat a lot in between the shots. She is the one who also gives me a lot of pointers, guides me and that means a lot to me. Though we are playing saas-bahu but off-screen I call her saheli. I am lucky indeed to get her as my co-star.” Juhi is known for being a very friendly person since her tv show Kumkum.

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