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Arzoo and Sahir are seen hugging each other and are about to kiss. The masked man follows them and sometimes he comes in between them. Both of them are unaware of his presence. Sahir hand over the knife to the man, but says he doesn’t know about his presence. This masked man follows them like a reflection. Sahir says he couldn’t identity him. Arzoo says he might be woman or man. The masked man says he is asked to hold the knife and stand. Reporter says they see his knife and checks its sharpness, but couldn’t see him. It is very dangerous. Reporter says our camera can see this masked man. The masked man says he is asked to kill them. Sahir says you have to just act. They laugh. Reporter says Sahir and Arzoo’s love story are going to take a new turn. This masked man is their relative and will try to separate Arzoo and Sahir. He attacks Sahir and he is rushed to the hospital. Sahir gets operated.

Arzoo comes to the hospital and prays for him. Ali Maula Plays…………..Sahir says they can’t find out what is happening around them. He says Arzoo is realizing the lie and realizing the truth which she denied till now. Arzoo confesses her love while crying. She asks him to wake up and says she can’t live without him. She asks him to wake up and prays for his well being. Reporter says what is the advantage now, when Sahir is conscious then she didn’t say anything. Sahir says this is our problem. He says self realization happened. Sahir pulls her leg. Reporter says it is difficult to say when Arzoo and Sahir will become true humsafar as Sahir’s first wife came back. Keep reading.

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