I always believed if you feel good you will look good : Mreenal Deshraj


Actress Mreenal Deshraj has done something many years ago when no one else had. More than 15 years back when Mreenal used to start hitting the gym she used to dress up for the ocassion and had a gym look. This is when most other celebrities didn’t think of a gym look as an important aspect of branding.

Speaking on that Mreenal says,”I have never restricted myself to a particular view point. I have always been on the lookout for global standards. My canvas was vast. Traveling to the US made me realize a lot of things. My lifestyle, way of thinking and my dressing sense everything underwent a transformation. My cousins are there in the West and I used to shop every year from there. I am a very particular person – what I wear, where I go. I was always choosy. I never want to be average in life. I always felt I was special.”

So how did the gym look happen? Mreenal says,” I always believed if you feel good you will look good. So whatever outfits made me happy I wore. I am a huge fan of shorts. Everybody knows by now how passionate I am towards fitness. So I used to and I still do match whatever I wear. My shorts, my sports bra, my top, my rubber band, my socks, my bag, my water bottle, my shoes everything should be synchronized. Without that, I don’t step out. Without my perfume and lipstick, I never step out. It’s a very important thing for me. Looking good and smelling good. While gymming these things are important. This is the way I was and still, I am. I should like myself. So whatever I like I do. Don’t dress up for anybody. I guess that’s the reason I was always different and special. I like to be in the gym and that is the only place where I flaunt my self. That’s the only place where I have fun. I workout and at the same time, I have my fun. So why not look your best .“

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