Jamai Raja 8th September to 19th September 2014: Siddarth and Roshni’s marriage

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In the promo below, Siddarth and Roshni’s marriage sequence is shown.

Siddarth arrives at marriage venue on a horse with barat, and on the other hand, Roshni gets ready as bride. Background voice says, both groom and bride are ready.

Siddarth enters with his family and Roshni smiles looking at him.

Durga Devi greets Siddarth and says, some preparations are done by saas as well. To everyone’s shock, she pushes Siddarth away and welcomes another groom.

Background voice says, it’s jamai’s turn to pass marriage-test.

What more will Siddarth have to do marry Roshni?

Watch marriage special episodes of Jamai Raja from 8th September to 19th September on Zee TV.

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