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Sid goes to remarry Roshini, but he meets Rajveer on the way and they end up fighting. Roshini waits for Sid while he is busy fighting with Rajveer. Rajveer attacks him and tries to stop him from going to his marriage venue. Kahin Der Na Hojaye plays……….Reporter says the show’s hero starts running like a maharana chetak and collides with the vehicles. He falls down wounded, but don’t lose his strength. Reporter says Rajveer’s conspiracy is to stop Sid from reaching Roshini. Rajveer says he is getting beaten since 3-4 days. He got married to Sid’s sister.

Sid beats him when he gets to know about his marriage with Krutika. Sid is seen driving his car, but then it gets punctured. He gets an auto, but Rajveer comes infront of his auto and initiates the fight. Sid beats him much. They are looking friends off camera, do their make up and resume the shooting. Reporter says hero beats the goon and made him lose. Rajveer says interesting sequence is going on. Sid runs and reaches to Roshini, but before he could come, Simran do the blast. She tells DD and Roshini that she is Simran Khurana. Everyone get shocked. Roshini’s heart will break and the twist of separation will come between them. Keep reading.

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