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Roshini has decided to leave Sid and go abroad. Sid tries hard to stop her. He rushes to the airport to stop her. Roshini doesn’t see him and goes in. Sid talks to the airport crew requesting them to let him go inside. Reporter asks the viewers to see Roshini and Sid as they are getting separated. Jaane Na Yeh Duniya hai plays……Sid will try to stop her. Reporter says Roshini is leaving Sid and going. Sid is depressed and try to find her anyhow.

Roshini says her mom made the arrangements to leave the city and go abroad. It is her decision. She doesn’t want Sid’s apology so her mom is sending her away. Sid says he try to find and chase her. Reporter says Roshini couldn’t stop crying. She doesn’t want to go away, but she leaves. There will be leap coming up in the show. The separation will bring them closer. Sid looks around for Roshini, but she doesn’t see him and goes inside the airport. Roshini says there is a strong bond between her and Sid. She cries while leaving. Reporter says she is hurt with the truth and that’s why leaving. Tera Mujhse Hain Pehle Ka……plays…Keep reading.

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