Kaali to commit suicide in Kaala Teeka!

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The show to feature a track inspired by a scene from the super hit film Bahubali.

Kaala Teeeka is all set for some high tempo drama! Kaali, who is fed up with her life, decides that the only way to get out of her misery is by killing herself! She hence decides to jump into a lake. She enters the lake and goes under the water. The scene is very beautifully shot as kaali is seen struggling under water.

While she is Underwater, a random stranger comes to the bank of the lake with a basket. The man puts the basket in the water, pushes it away from the bank and flees! In the basket is a baby! Kaali who is drowning raises her hand in the water and feels something brush against her hand. She catches the basket and lifts it up. she later comes out of the water while carrying the basket and sees there is a baby in it!

She is shocked and starts crying out for help. A pandit arrives at the scene and questions her. while explaining to the pandit, she sets the basket down and starts walking away. Just as she takes a few steps, something holds her back. The baby holds her dupatta and starts crying. Kaali looks at the kid and gets all emotional. Thunder and lightning strike when Kaali realises that she has to do something for the poor child.

Could it get any more dramatic? Now what is is in store for Kali and her life in the coming episodes is going to be a wait and watch.