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Aaliya is seen confronting Purab and Bulbul and even beating Bulbul. Purab comes to her rescue and slaps Aaliya. Reporter says, Aaliya is the wounded tigeress and the enemy can’t escape from her attack. Just think what will happen when Bulbul and Purab are infront of her.

Aaliya asks Purab to stay out of it as she is talking to Bulbul. She was attacking Pragya and now Bulbul and Purab. Aaliya is very much angry and taking out her wrath on Bulbul. She threatens to kill Bulbul. Purab says, she didn’t ask him to leave from the mandap as it was his decision.

Reporter says, if Purab don’t come to Bulbul’s rescue then Aaliya would have kill her. Aaliya’s anger is justified as Purab left her at the marriage altar. Purab refused rockstar’s sister and her ego is hurt.

Purab says, Aaliya and Bulbul are opposite him. He loves Bulbul and not Aaliya. It feels great. Once Aaliya gets angry, then don’t know how she reacts. Aaliya tells Purab that they will do Nach baliye together. Purab says, he knows how it feels when someone fights with him.

Reporter says, Purab is shaken and slaps Aaliya. Aaliya says, Purab did wrong to love Bulbul even after his engagement. Their is cat fight sequence shown on he road. Reporter says, Aaliya is behind the two sisters and will take revenge. Keep reading.

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