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In the gathering, in the royal wedding event, Ajabde and Pratap are getting married. Reporter says, Ajabde and Pratap have taken oath and promises together, they have taken pheras, they are together now and their relation can’t not be broken now. They will be with each other from now on, Marriage is like this only, the one who does it also puts himself in problem and the one who doesn’t do it also puts himself in problem, Ajbade and Pratap will now coup up with marriage together.

Pratap and Ajabde gives interview. Pratap jokes no we are not married, we are just playing, marriage happens when heart accept it. Pratap says, Ajabde is looking good. he ask why is turban having Question mark(peacock feather).

Reporter says, the relation made from heart is greater than that of blood relation. That is why, Ajabde’e Father in law made Ajabde elder than him, he gave blessing to Ajabde and took blessing from her too.

Off-screen, Ajabde blesses her father in law. Reporter says, Uday Singh is wearing exclusive neck piece. Off-screen he laughs and says this is USP of Uday singh, when I saw this neck piece first I was afraid to wear it but all like this neck piece. All ladies have wore it too, this neck piece is most fabulous one and I am lucky to get it leaving all princesses behind.

Reporter says, Ajbade’s mother is looking good too. She is shown to be wearing lehnga. She gives interview and says a lot of things happened so I am very much happy that this marriage happened as there were a lot of controversies regarding this marriage.

Reporter says, all were in joyous mood. Pratap is shown to be winking at Phool kunwar off-screen. Reporter says, Pratap is becoming frank with his wife’s sister, he should keep himself away from her otherwise soon he will be marrying Phool too and then you will be crushed between Phool and Ajabde.

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