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Rani maa has closed her doors for Pratap. She has left Pratap. He is crying outside her door. Rani isn’t opening the door. Pratap says, Rani maa please open the door and listen to me. Kunwar had no other option than to just sit there and wait.

Rani tells the reporter, Rani never wants to come back. She thinks that she has done a mistake. As remorse i vowed to leave the house. Where as pratap thinks that she is angry on ajabde that’s why she left.

Pratap says, i was out for a war and i don’t know what ajabde did behind me that rani maa left. Ajabde says i don’t know myself. There is some misunderstanding. Pratap says, Rani maa never told me anything. So i just assumed that ajabde is responsible for this.

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