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Ishani comes in honeymoon suite and is wearing short dress (kurta). She is shy as Ranveer sees her, she lies on couch to sleep.

Reporter says that Ranveer was once the servant of Ishanil. He never thought that he will share room with her but now they are together, this marriage has brought many twists and turns in show.

Ranveer looks at Ishani and smiles as she sleeps on couch. Reporter says that now Ranveer is rich guy so he is ruling everyone, he has kept king size bed for himself and if Ishani want to sleep then she can sleep on couch.

Ishani is sleeping on couch and Ranveer watches TV in full volume to disturb her. Reporter says, he is doing all this but somewhere in his heart, he can’t see Ishani is problem so when went in sleep. Ranveer put TV on off and covers Ishani with his blanket as she was feeling cold in sleep.

Reporter says, Ranveer can make his face like he hates Ishani very much but in heart, he loves her a lot.

Ranveer smiles seeing Ishani sleep, Suddenly Ishani punches him on his face and pushes him, she was just pretending to sleep.

Reporter says, get ready to see Ranveer’s two faces, one that show love for Ishani and other that show hatred for her.

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