MTV Splitsvilla X2: Aahna Sharma beats Arshiya Arshi


MTV Splitsvilla X2 is gaining immense popularity among the audience.

Ankush Rampal’s shocking eviction followed by Arshiya Arshi being introduced as the wild card contestant has stirred excitement among the fans for the upcoming episodes.

For this week’s challenge, Rannvijay and Sunny introduce a new task, Dil Mein Bajjhi Guitar, where the boys have to choose a girl for their challenge. Piyush’s decision of choosing between his love Arshiya and his ideal match Aahana lead to a series of fights during the briefing of the task where Arshiya says that ‘she loves him’ & the whole villa puts allegations on Piyush for cuddling & spending quality time with Aahana. In this task, the boys are hanging on 5 ropes which looks like a guitar string.

Sunny and Rannvijay will ask a few questions to test the compatibility of the couples and whichever boy thinks that their girl knows the answer have to blow a whistle. If the girl answers it right gets an opportunity to cut one string of other couple & if the answer is wrong they have to cut string of themselves. The boy who goes out of all the 5 strings the quickest loses the challenge & the last two pairs who are left with the strings win the challenge.

In the task, Aahna would know one of the answers which Arshiya will fail to answer which will add more fuel to the fire. Aahna will beat Arshiya in that particular question proving that she knows Piyush little better than what Arshiya knows about him.

Do you think Arshiya and Piyush will be able to win the task and perform together in the show?

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