“My Diary is my secret keeper and my best friend”- Kanikka Kapur


Ex. Miss Asia Kanikka Kapur has become a popular face of television industry with her role of Suman in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2. Fans have been quite inquisitive about her personal life, and now Kanikka Kapur has revealed an important part of her life. She recently mentioned that her diary is her best buddy and is the only one she trusts with her secrets. In the show, we can see how Suman is upset as she feels that Shravan’s love for her is causing him pain. Suman asks him to stay away from her as it is the only way he can heal. In this high voltage drama audiences can witness the breakdown of both Suman and Shravan.

On being asked about what Kanikka would have done if she had a similar breakdown, Kanikka revealed that she would have shared everything with her diary which would have given her relief. Kanikka has a habit of jotting down the entire day’s details before she ends her day and this not only helps her relax but also analyze the fruitfulness of the day. Kanikka started maintaining diary at a very young age after she read about Anne Frank and her diary in school.

Speaking about her diary, Kanikka said, “My Diary is my secret keeper and also my, best friend. I can tell her all those things which I can’t share with anyone. Writing diary not only helps me relax but also judge the productivity of my day. I first write all the details of the day and try to evaluate the areas where I could have been better or where I could have made mistakes. Thus, my best friend helps me improve as a person too and supports me to be the best. I took up diary writing after I read about Anne Frank in my school days. The whole concept fascinated me. That book gave me my best buddy.”

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