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Shesha and Shivanya are dancing together and doing Mahadev’s aaradhna. Reporter says this story is of two ichhadhari nagins who has come to take revenge from Ritik’s family. Shivanya is given reponsibility of cleaning the Shivling with milk. She pours milk on the Shivling and does the puja.

Reporter says who can do better puja than Shivanya as she has strong relation with Mahadev. It is Poornima’s big night and Shivanya came to temple to do Puja of the Mahadev. Then both of the nagins dance to impress Mahadev. Reporter says it was like a competition between them.

Offscreen Shivanya and Shesha say that they don’t know what will be happening in the next episodes. She says you all will be curious to know. Shivanya leaves the house in midnight when Guru ji called her to temple. Guru ji blesses her for married life, which surprises Shivanya as she wants to kill Ritik with his family. Keep reading.

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