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Nisha is really worried as she is away from her cousins. Reporter says, Nisha once used to be favorite of her cousins but they are all bugged with her. Kirta turned her face opposite to her. Nisha offered her that she will drop her on scooty, but she ignored Nisha and said I will go with someone else. There is something that is creating misunderstanding between Nisha and her cousins.

Nisha tells the reporter, cousins are like that. They fighting and loving simultaneously. They have shown the love only and now they are showing we can fight as well. We are fighting due to Rupan tai also, as she hates Nisha.

Dada ji has chosen Ritesh for Nisha but Kirti and her mon are trying to make a place for Kirti in Ritesh’s heart. Kirti keeps flattering him. Rupan says, I am selfish for my daughter. I want Ritesh to marry my daughter. But he has chosen Nisha instead.

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