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It’s Nisha’s birthday. Nisha and Viraj in front on each other. He holds her hand and they dance slowly. She is about to fall but Viraj holds her. She steps on his feet. Its the first time she has been dreaming for herself. Its her cousins who asked her to dance with Viraj.

Off screen: Viraj says she dances so well. Nisha says who asked you to tell it. Viraj says I taught her dance when I joined the show. Nisha says yeah I attended his workshops. Now I love Viraj sir. Viraj says no but I don’t love her. Nisha says when will you? He says you should do something. She says I invited you, I danced with you, I did all you said, What else should I do? Viraj says massage my legs when I come to set, massage my hair when I leave the set. Start from these two.

Nisha and Saurav make fun of Viraj. Saurav says miss Disha, she says no Nisha sir. Saurav says its the same thing. Now take the files and place them in my cabin. All the cousins sang a poem for Kirthi. Saurav san a son for bua ji.

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