Now that the baby is here, we will be very careful: Smriti Khanna and Gautam Gupta


Smriti Khanna and Gautam Gupta have been over the moon ever since they welcomed their baby girl on April 15. The actress had been keeping her fans updated about her pregnancy, flaunting her baby bump in her pictures on social media. So when their little bundle of joy arrived, they took to social media to announce the news and share a beautiful picture of the family. Now that the baby is here, the couple feels like it’s going to be tough keeping the baby away from their families.

While speaking to portal, Gautam Gupta revealed that they are being extra careful since their baby girl arrived during the lockdown. He said, ‘We had taken every precaution during Smriti’s pregnancy, and now that the baby is here, we will be very careful.’ He also added that it will be tough to keep their baby in isolation, away from their families. He further praised the doctors for always being available, and that a doctor came every week to teach them how to take care of the baby. ‘There were many false alarms and we would panic, but the doctors were always one phone call away,’ he said.

Gautam Gupta had earlier told that they stay in Juhu and that the hospital is in Khar, so they drove alone in the car amid the lockdown to reach there. He informed everything is safe and good.

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