Overwhelmed by India’s Got Talent contestants grit, Karan financially supports them


MUMBAI: After enthralling the audience over the past few months, India’s Got Talent will enter its semi finale week. This season has seen contestants from different backgrounds participate hoping to fulfill their dreams, irrespective of any disability, financial status, age etc

One such act that left the judges in awe was the performance by the gymnasts Rahul and Mukesh from Haryana. Their one and only dream is to perform at the Olympics, but due to lack of financial aid they haven’t been able to fulfil this dream. Although, their father has taken a loan to support their dream, but it hasn’t been sufficient to make it happen yet. Listening to their heart warming story, the judges were left teary eyed.

Seeing their hard work towards fulfilling their dreams, Karan Johar assured to support them by paying off their loan and also promised to gift them the perfect shoes that they would require for continuing their practice.

Commenting on their performance, Karan Johar said, “I highly commend your passion for gymnastics and also for not giving up even after facing tough situations in life. I salute your father who is supporting you with all means. I am also a father and I understand how crucial it is to support children at every step of their career. I wish you all the luck and hope all your dreams get fulfilled.”

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