Parull Chaudhry: The lockdown has taught us that life has its own plan


Staying at home is definitely challenging, however, actor Parull Chaudhary says that it has taught her a lot. The actor says that it has helped her bond with her family and realise how important relationships are. “I think one thing that the lockdown has taught us would be that nothing is permanent. We might be making plans, we might be making to-do list but life will always have a surprise for you. I think when they say live each day as if it is your last day, it is completely true because today nothing permanent. There is so much of uncertainty in everything, be it personal or professional life. I think this lockdown has definitely taught many people that life has its own plan and it will surprise you. As everyone is so busy they miss out family bonding time because every time you are free, you want to just go out, or watch a movie and not just sit and talk. These real conversations are happening now. People are sitting and bonding. I think lockdown is somewhere making everyone realize the importance of relationships,” she says.

Although she doesn’t have a beauty regime, Parull has been taking out time to take care of her skin and hair. “I don’t really indulge in self-grooming as such. There is beauty routine that I follow but definitely there is more time now so I oil my hair more often, scrub my face weekly, try to experiment with homemade face packs. I have been doing my own manicure and pedicure. I have been eating healthy, drinking water, doing workouts and it’s more about feeding your soul. I have been trying to give some me-time to myself. I have been meditating as well,” she says.

Ask her how she keeps herself motivated, and she says, “First, I always decide what I am going to do the next day, so it’s all about making a time table. I also have a workout schedule. I reach the mark of two hundred Surya namaskar in 45 minutes. I am also spending a lot of time with my family. I also love watching motivational videos.”

Parull already has a plan in place for when the lockdown is lifted. “I definitely want to meet my friends and got to their places and chill with them. I would love to go for a long drive, or have a coffee and do regular things which I have been missing. Of course, getting back to shoot is what I am dying to do,” she says.

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