Patiala Babes’ Ashnoor Kaur feels her mother is her real life Babita aka babes


Life doesn’t come with a manual, but it does come with a mother. This statement fits best for Ashnoor Kaur and her real-life mom. Ashnoor Kaur is currently seen essaying the role of the strong headed and fierce Mini, in Sony Entertainment’s Patiala Babes. From its inception, the show has touched upon on many social issues and highlights a progressive narrative.

Ashnoor, who has been working from a very young age, has spent a lot of her time on the sets of shows. While her mother always accompanied her on shoots, she never missed any moments with her and she is quite close to her mum. The bond shared between Ashnoor and her mother is inseparable, and their relationship is more like that of best friends. Ever since she was a kid, Ashnoor has been very open about her life with her mom. She has never felt the need to hide anything from her. No matter what she did, she always kept her mother updated about it. Her mom has impacted her life in a huge way and she looks up to her. She has helped and influenced her in becoming the person that she is – educating herself and knowing what is right and wrong and always speaking up for what is right. Ashnoor started working at a very young age and so she wasn’t very regular at her school. But her mother made sure she never comprises on her studies. Her mother has always stood by her through thick and thin. She believes her mother has remained her closest friend through all these years and is the one whom Ashnoor trusts the most.

Speaking about their precious bond, Ashnoor says, “I have always been very attached to my mom, obviously everyone is, but we have much more than just a mother-daughter bond. She is the only person in my life who I share everything with, she is my best friend, a person I know I’ll get the best advice from, on anything, without being judged! We are a team and I cannot think of another person who could mean more to me. She always taught me the important things in life. I particularly recollect this one instance when she explained to me the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, something that stayed with me when I was growing up. It helped me respect my body more and also taught me to raise my voice when I felt uncomfortable. Without her, I feel I wouldn’t have been even half the person I am today! Somewhere, I know if my mom is there with me, nothing wrong can happen to me. My mom is my real life ‘babes’ and I love her to the core.”

Currently the viewers will see the budding closeness of Neil and Mini. It would be interesting to watch how Mini and Neil confess their love for each other.

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