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Pia is getting ready for her marriage. she is dressed as bride.

Reporter says, Pia has donned jewelry, bridal dress and is ready to love her husband. Pia is going to her in-laws house.

Reporter says, this was the promo shoot of Pia’s marriage. Pia and Himesh are getting married but the twist came in and groom is replaced by someone else and it is none other than Kabeer.

off-screen Pia says, I was getting married to Himesh but someone else has stood as my groom and it is shock for me. I married him.

Reporter says, this shock is beautiful one for Pia as she realized that her heart beats for Kabeer only.

off-screen Pia says, yes I realized that I love Kabeer but I don’t want to accept this fact because my father wants me to marry Hiemsh and also class difference so I don’t to create problems.

Reporter says, this is only promo shoot, A lot will happen when the episode will be shot. Pia is looking lovely in red bridal dress.

off-screen Pia says, its nice lehnga but very heavy duty. I am liking it, I had to get ready fast as it was promo shoot. Kabeer says I praise her beauty daily.

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