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Aahil and Sanam are seen romancing while the song Mohabbat Ka sawan plays……………..Aahil hugs her. Reporter says, love is blossomed between them. They are doing ILU ILU. Aahil will not only say I love you but also gift her a plot to make her dream house.

Aahil says, I will take advantage of her and laughs. Sanam says, I was bowled over by his gesture. Aahil says, they were so close but then Aahil will say so sorry. Reporter says, don’t know from where these girls come between then. Aahil says, I love what……..

Sanam says, Aahil saw me wearing red saree and I was looking bomb. Aahil and Sanam laugh. Reporter says, they celebrate for successful completion of 500 episodes of their show. They cut the cake and have party witb the show’s unit. Aahil and Sanam make each other eat the cake piece.

Sanam and Aahil praise each other a lot. Sanam says, Aahil’s role can’t be played by someone else other than him. Reporter wishes them all the best. Keep reading.

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